Strategy for those who wants to prepare for MPSC in English medium

Many standard books referred by selected candidates are in Marathi. English translation of these books is not available . If u want to prepare for the exam in English, I will suggest following thing.

Select English books for concepts n base reading but for the facts and data u have to refer Marathi books.

I will suggest following books

For language papers

Marathi grammar – MO.Ra.walimbe

English – Pal and Suri

GS 1


Modern India- spectrum

Post independence- ncert and bipin Chandra( syllabus points)

Maharashtra history – 11 th state board history old book . Available in English .

If u will feel it won’t cover entire Maharashtra history syllabus then read gathal or karate ( Marathi medium)


Physical geography- ११ th NCERT and G.c Leong ,it covers concept thoroughly

Maharashtra geography – savadi or deepsthbh ( do Maharashtra related mapping and collect facts from these books). Thear are available in marathi medium

Environment geography- Shankar IAS

Remote sensing – ncert English and internet

C ) Agriculture

State board available in English.

Arun katyayan or Reddy ( English)


Laxmikant polity, governance by laxmikant

Part 2
refer internet for Laws( read bare acts and make notes) , other topics .



Part 1

Read from kolambe /IP singh – both in Marathi

Part 2

Refer internet ,read data from ministry and institute’s website compile it.

GS 4

A) Economy

Datt sundaram or Sriram or Ramesh Singh

For facts and relevant data – scan it from kolambe or desale( Marathi)

B) Science and tech

WIzard or TMH and Internet

For those opting for English medium for preparation, needs to take some extra efforts and compile the notes from different sources. Use Marathi must read books for data and facts collection . All the best

आशिष बारकुल
( परिविक्षाधीन उपजिल्हाधिकारी )

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