English Grammar: Subject verb Agreement

Rule-1: Noun + and + noun = plural verb

  • Ram and Shyam are friends.

(Exception: If two noun are joined by ‘and’ but used as a single unit in that case = singular verb. e.g. slow and steady win the race)

Rule-2: (Article) Noun + and  + (Article) Noun = plural verb

  • The actor and the singer have arrived.

Rule-3: (Article) Noun + and + Noun = singular verb

  • The actor and singer has arrived.

Rule-4: Noun + as well as/in addition to/No less than/with/Along with/ Together with + noun = पहिल्या कर्त्यानुसार verb

  • I no less than you am to be blamed for this issue.

Rule-5: Not only/Neither/Either + Noun + but also/nor/or + Noun = दुसऱ्या कर्त्यानुसार verb

  • Neither the students nor the teacher is going for excursion.

Rule-6:  Errors of proximity should be avoided

  • the cost of new cars are rising. (wrong)
  • The cost of new cars is rising. (correct)

(इथे आपण cars बद्दल बोलत नसून cost बद्दल बोलत आहोत.)

Rule-7: Each/Every/Neither/Either = singular verb

  • Either of the boys are allowed to go out. (Wrong)
  • Either of the boys is allowed to go out. (correct)
  • Each of the students is  supposed to participate in games.

Rule-8:  If we have plural noun used as single subject = singular verb.

  • Five million rupees is a huge amount.

Rule-9: वाक्याच्या सुरवातीला Many a आल्यास = singular verb

  • Many a soldiers has meet his death on battle field.

Rule-10: वाक्याच्या सुरवातीला A great many आल्यास = plural verb

  • A great many people were present at the meeting.

Rule-11: Unfulfilled condition (if, as if, as though, even if, wish) + to be form of verb = plural verb.

  • She behaves as if she were my boss.

Rule-12: A number of/A large  number of/ Number of = Noun (Plural) and Verb (plural)

  • A large number of students were present

Rule-13: The number of = Noun (plural) but verb (singular)

  • The number of absentees is rising this year.

Rule-14: जर वाक्यात दोन main verb दिलेले असतील तर दोन्ही verb च्या समोर साह्यकारी क्रियापद वापरावे

  • twenty five candidates have passed and one failed. (wrong)
  • twenty five candidates have passed and one has

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